End-Of-Life IT Asset Management & Disposal

End-Of-Life IT Asset Management & Disposal With Zero Landfill Policy

It’s completely FREE! UK-wide collection! Certified, secure data destruction! All suitable equipment shipped to charities!

IT advances happen at a breakneck pace, and equipment can become outdated or obsolete quickly. This situation leads to millions of pieces of IT equipment getting discarded every year. Often, the disposal of IT equipment is done incorrectly or irresponsibly, leading to environmental damage. That is why Green-Root ensures that all its IT equipment is disposed of correctly.

At the end of the equipment’s lifespan, we provide a certificate of disposal detailing the equipment’s brand, model, and serial number.

This is a service that we provide free-of-charge. Our focus on UK charities means that we do it with no profit to ourselves.

UK households currently reuse or recycle 60% of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). According to a UN report, the UK generated 1.6 million tons of WEEE in 2019, one of the largest amounts of all European countries.

Equipment that we collect:

  • Small household appliances.
  • Automatic dispensers.
  • Power and electronic tools.
  • Electric or electronic toys.
  • Sports equipment and exercise machines.
  • IT, computing, and telecommunications equipment.

We can decommission complete IT systems or individual terminals as per customers’ requirements. These will then either be sent to charities, sold, or disposed of according to WEEE and recycling regulations.

We track all assets from the point they arrive with us until they are dispatched. All IT equipment is disassembled to optimize efficient recycling.

We reuse as much equipment as possible. However, when we cannot repair or reuse equipment, it is disposed of through a licensed waste management organisation. These organisations ensure that all WEEE is recycled under the highest European and UK Environmental Agency standards.

None of the IT equipment we receive gets shipped outside of the UK. Instead, everything gets reused or recycled locally.


We are proud of the work we do for charities.

The Green-Root Tech charity program is designed to support UK charities by providing free refurbished computers, IT hardware, and software services. Our vision is a society where everyone has equal access to IT and the power that gives people.

To ensure our equipment goes to the right people, we conduct background checks on our new charity partners.

The equipment we provide to charities is all:

  • Free
  • Fully tested.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Is replaced as soon as possible, if faulty.

Our charity program works like this.

  • We collect the equipment and categorize it for reuse, recycling, or disposal.
  • All data is securely erased before we reuse, recycle, or dispose of any IT equipment. This process is fully GDPR-compliant.
  • We repair and refurbish the reusable computers and IT equipment and thoroughly test them.
  • Any equipment that is categorized for reuse gets sent to the right charity

This process ensures we support charities with fully functional, safe, and compliant equipment.

Can You help us support a charity with your old IT equipment? If You are a charity, do you want to claim free IT equipment?